Social Enterprise

As the use of entrepreneurship and technology in international development programs increase, NGO’s, large and small, face a need to access the skills necessary to develop holistic and sustainable programs.

With additional constraints in staffing full-time personnel, program directors, managers and business development staff find themselves without the support needed to successfully implement business and technology-based initiatives. In response, the team at Mansa Colabs has developed accessible advisory and support plans (see below) that make these skills only a phone or Skype call away.

Up-to 15 Hours per Month (Phone, Skype, Email)
Programmatic Check-in
Business and Tech Challenges Review
Participation in Team Calls
Programmatic Planning, Ideation, Q&A
Tech-Africa Trends Monthly Newsletter
Conference or Presentation Support

If your organization requires additional support, please feel free to contact us at info[at] We can support your technology program needs with the following custom services: